Supplier of vehicle solutions

Plasan helps create a safer, mission-ready vehicle environment for defense and homeland security forces

Flexible and Robust

SandCat, Plasan’s family of 4X4 armored vehicles, offers the flexibility and robustness needed for every defense and security mission. While providing high-end protection, SandCat maintains its maneuverability and agility, even when equipped with surveillance and communications systems. The SandCat family has been designed to support a wide range of challenges and missions including: law enforcement, Special Forces, homeland security, border patrol and armed conflicts. SandCats are also used to transport troops, as a command and control centers, and to transport VIPs though conflict zones. To date, there are over 15 variants of SandCats, tailored to meet specific field conditions.

Multi-mission Multi-advantage 4 x 4 VEHICLE

Powerful, energy efficient engine integrated with an upgraded commercial chassis provides speed and maneuverability

Lightweight composite materials and unique cabin designs deliver added protection

Fielded in over 15 countries, in 5 continents

Equipped with advanced surveillance and communications systems

High in Protection. Light in weight

A unique kitted Hull puts SandCat in a class of its own. Lightweight composite materials and unique cabin designs ensure added protection, which does not come at the expense of added vehicle weight or reduced performance.

A Plasan Home Brand

Based on years of accumulated experience, a wide range of in-house capabilities, and deep understanding of battlefield, SandCat brings unrivaled performance and functionality to every mission. Plasan plans, designs, and tests SandCat to deliver the best 4X4 armor vehicle to the customer. Plasan’s ballistics laboratory and other strong in-house capabilities ensure that you enjoy all of these benefits when designing you solution – saving you time and cost.

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