Global leader in vehicle protection

Founded in 1985, Plasan is a global leader in offering safer vehicle environments and survivability solutions for defense and security forces. Our solutions offer high-end protection and mission readiness for defense and security vehicles while reducing operational costs. With extensive battlefield experience and expertise in automotive systems, and materials, we deliver solutions to support even the most complex vehicle and team missions. Plasan offers a variety of vehicle protection solutions, including advanced kitted armor hulls, the Guarder and SandCat armored tactical vehicles, and a wide range of survivability and personal protection solutions.

Plasan Solutions and Complex Demands
Multi-layered Know-How

Leveraging the accumulated expertise of its personnel and accumulated commercial experience, Plasan offers the highest skill set in a variety of disciplines: materials and design, engineering, systems integration, simulation, ergonomics, testing, implementation and more.

Field-Proven Solutions

Bringing the experience gained over 38 years and 35,000 fitted vehicles globally, our team members offer vast knowledge in defense and battlefield tactics. This in-house know how enables us to offer solutions to match the threat levels and complex demands of warfare in an agile and cost-effective way.

Creative Approach

Approaching each project with an ‘out of the box’ attitude, Plasan is known for its ability to offer creative solutions to highly complex project demands.

This approach facilitates ‘always on’ mission readiness for defense and security forces in need of immediate armor vehicle solutions.

Multitude of capabilities under one roof

Working with Plasan, you be nefit from a wealth of in-house capabilities that together, form an unparalleled capacity to accommodate any project in any level of complexity. Plasan is one of the very few commercial companies in the world that own and operate a ballistic lab onsite.  In-house processes include design, engineering, systems integration, analysis, simulation, ergonomics, and more.

Triple Power offering at your service

Our unique Triple Power offering is based on the deep understanding and familiarity with automotive systems, the experience accumulated in developing materials and solutions for survivability, and the system integration expertise. Our team members bring a lot of experience in defense and battlefield tactics, as well as well as in system integration and materials’ processes. This in-house know how enables us to offer creative ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions to match customer needs.

Delivering Results for 38 years

Plasan has partnered with leading brands in the industry to equip customers with optimal vehicle solutions, offering mission adaptability and performance, as well as fighter and vehicle protection.  As battlefields and homeland security situations pose more challenges, Plasan continuously develops smart solutions that match the threat levels and complex demands of warfare in an agile and cost-effective way.

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