Plasan will up-armor the Redback IFV and deliver a comprehensive survivability package under Australian Land 400 Phase 3.

Sunday, August 6, 2023

KIBBUTS SASA, ISRAEL, July 31st, 2023.

Plasan is honoured to announce that they are partnering with Hanwha Defense Australia to deliver a comprehensive survivability package for the Redback. Plasan is proud and excited to take a significant role in the design of one of the world’s most advanced IFV. The Redback is a ground-breaking IFV that brings a new era of advanced lethality, mobility, and survivability.

Plasan is responsible for the Redback’s survivability as a whole and took a significant part in turning the original design of Hanwha’s K21 into the Australian Redback. The protection and survivability of the Redback is second-to-none and it is designed to defeat the highest threats – mine-blast, kinetic, top attack and others, which make it the best of its kind.

The protection design of the Redback is a body of work over which Plasan was selected by both Hanwha Aerospace for the hull protection design and Elbit Systems for the turret protection design.

Plasan wishes to congratulate our partners at Hanwha Defense Australia, Hanwha Aerospace, and Elbit Systems Land for being down-selected as the preferred tenderer under the LAND 400 Phase 3, and subject to successful negotiations,  looks forward to continue this journey towards the transition of the Redback design into serial production and delivery into the use of the Australian Army.