Plasan to Establish Company in Australia

Monday, March 13, 2023

KIBBUTZ SASA, Israel, March  9 , 2023 – Plasan Sasa Ltd. (“Plasan”)  announced today on its intention to increase its commitment to the Australian defence industry and to establish a local subsidiary in Australia to be named “Plasan-Australia” which will aim to support its local partners and the projects that Plasan is involved with in Australia in the best possible way, to support the company’s AIC commitments and to enhance transfer of technology efforts.


Dani Ziv, CEO: “The long term experience and substantial understanding of Australia defense strategic needs for the next decade, as well as the importance for Australia to acquire core and critical technologies and capabilities, have led us to decide to amplify our presence in Australia as well as to shift our supply chain to Australian industry to the widest possible extent. The establishment of Plasan-Australia will solidify this presence.”


Plasan has a successful history in Australia, the most significant achievement of which to date is the Hawkei program. Early collaboration with Thales Australia starting in 2009 resulted in a partnership for LAND121 Phase 4 which lead to the creation and win of the Hawkei, whose cabin was designed, tested and produced by Plasan. Currently, Plasan’s cooperation with BAE Australia is taking it on board the Hunter Class frigate, a project which was kicked off in February, incorporating Australian sourced Armor Steel by Bisalloy into Plasan’s survivability solutions.


Plasan’s cooperation with HDA (Hanwha Defence Australia) for the last four years, has proven to be an exceptionally productive journey that materialized with the birth of the Huntsman (the AS9 SPH and AS10 AARV under Land 8116) and the state-of-the-art Redback IFV, which has been developed for the LAND400 Phase 3 program about which an award announcement is expected shortly.


Plasan’s core competencies of protection technologies and vehicle and systems upgrades are capabilities highlighted by the Australian Department of Defence as critical industrial capabilities and the establishment of Plasan-Australia to support Land400 Phase 3 will ensure that the supply-chain to provide these technologies and support them in the coming decades is brought and maintained in Australia.