Plasan is unveiling a new Electric Vehicle Platform – ATeMM

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

KIBBUTZ SASA, Israel, June 13 th , 2022 - Plasan Sasa Ltd. (“Plasan”)

Eurosatory 2022 will host the European unveiling of the ATeMM, Plasan’s all-terrain electric mission module. The ATeMM, pronounced at-uhm, is a multi-mission, highly configurable electric vehicle platform and the solution for Battlefield Circulation of Electricity (BCoE).
Modern armies need power, payload, and electricity, especially at the tactical edge; the ATeMM is the solution.

This revolutionary electric platform can be configured in multiple ways to include: a single axle ATeMM paired with any lead vehicle, two ATeMMs connected in tandem paired to any lead vehicle, or a standalone remote/autonomously controlled tandem ATeMM.

Each ATeMM is an electric platform featuring a 200kW traction motor capable of outputting over than 5700Nm at the axle, a 47 kWh battery pack providing power to the motor and an optional Off-Board Vehicle Power (OBVP). In addition, the ATeMM offers 1150 kg of payload.
When two ATeMMs are connected in tandem, the total battery capacity is 94 kWh and the total payload is 2300 kg.

Electricity stored in the ATeMM’s high voltage battery can provide power to both on or offboard vehicle systems while stationary or on the move, as well as power and torque to the ATeMM’s steerable drive wheels improving fuel economy and off-road performance of a connected lead vehicle. When in drive/power mode, the ATeMM transforms the vehicle system (leading vehicle + ATeMM) from a 4x4 into a 6x6 vehicle (or 8x8). This allows the ATeMM and its OBVP capability to be taken to remote locations that typical vehicle/trailer combinations cannot approach.

The ATeMM’s off-board vehicle power can provide power for command posts, communication systems, surveillance systems, tethered drones, counter UAS payloads, recharge soldier worn batteries, remote weapon stations, and augment a microgrid to reduce reliance on generators. When paired with a lead vehicle, the ATeMM’s on-board battery can power the electric motor to extend the range of the lead vehicle or propel the paired platform silently using the ATeMM’s electric motors instead of the internal combustion engine.

The ATeMM is the first of its kind, bridging the gap between legacy vehicles and the hybrid-electric technology the future requires. The ATeMM can also pair with Plasan’s Wilder to create a hybrid-electric 6 x 6 with 2,000 kg of combined payload and all the exportable power capabilities unique to the ATeMM.

The ATeMM and the WILDER will be presented at our booth EXT Pe6B, e231 at Eurosatory.

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