360° of In-house protection expertise

Working with Plasan you enjoy a multi-layered protection expertise. Our capabilities include not only the technical aspect of solution development, but also the solution planning and design, based on years of accumulated field-experience by our personnel, our customers and our partners.

Faster project delivery. Lower costs

Approaching any project, big or small, we know we have the tools and facilities to deliver a complete solution to help you master your mission. Plasan offers design, engineering, testing, simulation, production, and support for each solution we develop. We are one of the few companies in the world which has onsite ballistic lab.  This allows us to readily perform full-scale blast tests and save our customers on cost and development time.

The Plasan advantage

Complete solutions, all under one roof, integrate battlefield experience and vehicle engineering expertise, and ensure shorter delivery time

Deep understanding in materials enables us to integrate protection materials according to the vehicle's mission profile

Flexibility to tailor solutions to customer’s needs and creativity and innovation in approaching customer needs


Some of the notable capabilities that enable us to deliver high-end protection solutions are:


Offer a total solution, which would take into consideration mission profile, best materials to use for this profile, protection-performance-weight balance, delivery time and cost.


Multidisciplinary teams at Plasan, comprised of experienced engineers, armor and weapons system specialists, ergonomics experts and other professionals, harness their extensive expertise, experience and the latest technological innovations to produce the most advanced armor and survivability solutions in the world.


Building a full-scale model vehicle to undergo ballistic and blast testing and a full-scale working vehicle for automotive testing.


Simulating blast effects on a vehicle, to compare with industry-defined standards. Real-time calibration data is constantly fed into the simulations, increasing accuracy and validity.


Performed in our ballistics laboratory featuring infrastructure for a wide range of munitions and high velocity threats. Our collected data of more than 17,000 ballistic tests are an invaluable asset for research, development and traceability.


As a one-stop shop for its clients. It offers a wide range of advanced in-house skills and facilities, and it is one of the few companies in the market with R&D, design, simulation, ballistics and blast facilities and laboratories, as well as manufacturing capabilities and Storage and logistic center, all under one roof.