Design To Maintainability

  • Plasan products and vehicles are designed by the engineering department together with ILS experts.
  • We believe that maintenance issues should be considered as part of the design phase to assure effective and efficient maintenance.
  • The ability to restore a faulty vehicle to its operational condition in the simplest way and shortest time leads to better operational availability of the vehicles.
  • One example of DTM (Design To Maintainability) is the revolutionary Kitted Hull vehicle architecture.
  • Plasan transformed the world of military armor when it developed the Kitted Hull. Previously, armored vehicle manufacturers would weld armor cabins out of high hardness steel using a method that was slow, expensive, and complex. In contrast, the Kitted Hull parts are assembled with bolts and adhesives.
    The new method offers faster, more efficient, more cost-effective maintenance – disassembly of the faulty part and assembling the new one can be done easily within a short time.