ILS (Integrated Logistic support)

  • Plasan's LAVs have been in service for more than a decade in 34 countries, assisting in peace-keeping and warfare missions with maximum availability.
  • Plasan is committed to its customers for a cost effective product life cycle and constant readiness for the next mission.
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    Operating and maintenance technical literature

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    Local service center and customer's site.

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    Preventive & Corrective- full life-time spares  support

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    Preventive to comprehensive fleet maintenance

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    Basic to advanced-theoretical and practical courses

Our goal

To maximize reliability and availability while reducing life cycle cost, aiming to optimize operational readiness and customer satisfaction

Plasan ILS Principles

  • Plasan ILS Principles
  • Customer Needs - System Reliability, Availability and Maintainability
  • Customized Maintenance - User profile, Distribution of customer’s sites, Level of repairs - Mix of self maintenance and Plasan’s support
  • Training - ongoing sessions through courses, technical manuals and service support
  • Life Cycle Support – “From day one to the end of product life”
  • Lean Methodology – PDCA cycle: Plan, Do, Check, Act
  • Data Collecting and analysis for continuous improvement