Plasan helps create a safer team-centric vehicle environment for defense and homeland security missions. It has partnered with leading brands in the industry to equip customers with optimal vehicle solutions, offering mission adaptability and an exceptional performance level, combined with advanced personnel and vehicle protection.

Plasan is proud to be the survivability and design partner of the world’s leading OEMs, dedicated to saving soldiers’ lives and protecting those who protect us. With our extensive experience and expertise, we have developed advanced and mature TRL 9 protection solutions that are currently under serial production in some of the world leading land and naval platforms of advanced militaries in North America, Western Europe, Australia and Asia.

Plasan’s key strength is our early intimate technical dialogue with our OEM customers.  We work in collaboration to optimize the armor burden on all types of tactical vehicles to ensure the solution provides the user with the optimum combat effectiveness.

As battlefield and homeland security situations pose increasingly difficult challenges, Plasan continuously develops smart solutions that match the threat levels and complex demands of modern warfare in an agile and cost-effective way.