Plasan, a recognized innovator and international provider of state-of-the-art lightweight ballistic protection and survivability solutions for the war fighter, the peacekeeper and law enforcement personnel alike, provides customized survivability suites offering a unique optimization between protection, mission adaptability, payload and cost. With its many design wins, Plasan has emerged as a world leader – providing the right solution at the right price.

With three decades of experience and over 35,000 vehicles across the globe fitted with our protection solutions, Plasan has a unique understanding of the challenges found on the modern battlefield. We translate operational needs into high-end protection solutions.

With a comprehensive and creative approach to vehicle protection and armored vehicles, and the ability to provide customized solutions for a wide variety of missions, Plasan’s expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and system integration has been a major differentiator for our customers and partners. The company offers comprehensive solutions for the optimal balance of performance, survivability and safety


Plasan helps create a safer, mission-ready vehicle environment for defense and homeland security forces