Over the last few years, Plasan has been developing armor systems to address the protection requirements of modern maritime vessels. These new advanced lightweight armor systems allowed Plasan to win major competitions held by Naval OEMs. Today, Plasan’s advanced composite armor is embedded in the world’s leading vessels, and we design and produce unique armor systems for new and modern designs of Frigates and Destroyers (Such as TYPE-26, Hunter Class, DDG 1000 and more).

The composite armor is distributed over hundreds of square meters across each vessel, protecting against various threats, some of which are unique to the maritime  environment.

Plasan has won these contracts, demonstrating:

  • Cost effective and yet, light armor
  • Unique and cost effective installation approach
  • Full compliance to maritime environmental requirements


 Plasan’s new advanced armor systems are:

  • Mature – already installed
  • Successfully tested and certified for blast shock loads
  • Applying unique and advanced installation approaches – allows to install the armor without scanning and/or templating every compartment – one design fits all vessels
  • Armor solutions are available for all STANAG4569 Vol.1 threat levels  (levels 1 to 6) and also for specific threat mixtures according to users’ requirements