Plasan is a global leading provider of lightweight ballistic protection solutions for fixed and rotary
wing aircrafts.
Plasan design, manufacture and integrate lightweight composite armor solutions
that reduce weight while providing optimized protection.
Our integrated solutions offer outstanding ballistic protection and engineering innovation in
combat-ready kits. These kits can be used on multiple aircraft of the same model and easily
shipped to remote locations and installed on-site.
Plasan’s solutions consist of cockpit & cabin protection: floor and walls ballistic panels, pilot-seat
protection and doors. Critical aircraft elements can also be protected. Our add-on ballistic panels
are easy to install and can be removed by customer personnel.
Our capabilities and expertise extend beyond the design and manufacturing of airborne armor
kits. We provide a full turnkey service including in-house battery of tests.
Plasan supplies airborne armor kits and seats protection solutions for the Black Hawk UH-60, Chinook
CH-47,Hercules C-130, Mi-17, Eurocopter AS532 Cougar and other leading airborne platforms.