Tortech Nano Fibers was founded in 2010 as a joint venture between Plasan Sasa Ltd (Israel) and Q-Flo Ltd (UK), a spin-off from Cambridge University, UK. Using the core technology for the production of carbon nanotubes developed at Q-Flo, Tortech is developing a patented process for the manufacture of ultra-long CNT mats non-woven for a wide range of commercial and defense applications. 

Aviation applications

Automotive applications


Environment applications

TORTECH CNT non-woven mats – the material
of choice for your industry

CNTs have the potential to revolutionize an extensive number of industries. They can make aircraft and wind turbines parts stronger and lighter, with deicing capability as well as increasied protection against lightning strikes.
Tortech's CNT nonwoven products offer an opportunity for an extensive range of both military and civilian applications:

  • Electrically and thermally conductive interlayer in carbon fiber composites for heat dissipation, localized heating (e.g., deicing), or as an impact sensor.

  • EMI shielding that also acts as a heat sink.

  • High-performance filters and membranes which significantly reduce bio-fouling problems for water purification.

  • Remarkable Oil-Water separation solutions for the oil industry

  • Current collectors for flexible, lightweight Lithium-ion batteries

  • Passive and active thermal camouflage.

  • Heat sinks and heating pads for aviation and industrial use.

  • Health monitoring for composite materials.

  • Antennas.