Plasan’s T-BAR™ Blast absorbing footpads provides an additional layer of protection for troops inside the vehicle for enhanced occupant survivability. Designing these pads, Plasan has placed great emphasis on preserving the soldier’s quality of life as much as possible. It is a flexible solution which can be added to the vehicle within minutes by the soldiers in the field. As in all other protection solutions by Plasan, the TBar has been extensively tested to offer maximal protection, combined with light-weight composite materials, and easy installation.

T-BAR™ Protection– Proven in Combat
Enhanced troop protection and less limb injuries in all types of vehicles, by reducing the tibia forces induced by a mine or IED blast up to %70
Modular design, easily integrated into any vehicle
Fast and easy installation, no welding needed
Proven in combat
Durable – tested for harsh environments
Complies with NATO STANAG 4569