Plasan’s blast protection solutions for armored vehicles are designed to protect against landmine blasts and IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) including EFP (Explosively Formed Penetrator) threats , which continue to be the weapon of choice for insurgents and the primary threat in asymmetric war zones. Plasan’s solutions for underbelly protection levels  1 through 4 and way beyond protect not only the vehicle and teams manning it, but also provide optimized survivability for crewmembers by forming several layers of protection.

Multi-layered protection for armor vehicles

Blast protection by Plasan features:

Platform Underbody blast protection

Absorbing blast energy and stop high-velocity munition fragments, including floating floor and underbelly/belly deflector blast protection

Mine Blast Protection kit (MPK)

Manages blast magnitude forces by taking into account the specific reactions of the vehicle’s structure to forces and accelerations resulting from a blast, therefore attenuating blast energy and channeling it away from the vehicle’s crew. The kit can be easily retrofitted to a wide range of vehicle platforms, and is made of lightweight composite materials.

Floating floor

Which is attached to the vehicle’s walls and minimizes damage and injury, isolates the crew’s feet from the vehicle’s floor, forming a buffer from blast impact.

TERRA Energy Attenuating Seats

Plasan’s line of TERRA™ energy attenuating seats both absorb and reduce the kinetic energy resulting from explosions, and by that increase the crew survivability. Based on the company’s experience, together with plastic deformation technology and advanced ergonomic design to create a range of multi-functional energy attenuating seats

T-Bar Foot Pads

Plasan’s T-BAR™ Blast absorbing footpads provides an additional layer of protection for troops inside the vehicle for enhanced occupant survivability. Designing these pads, Plasan has placed great emphasis on preserving the soldier’s quality of life as much as possible. It is a flexible solution which can be added to the vehicle within minutes by the soldiers in the field. As in all other protection solutions by Plasan